Got A Truck – Get A Travel Trailer

If you already own a truck, you are halfway to having a great RV setup for travel with family and friends. Instead of having to buy both a truck and trailer or a Motorhome, you can simply pick out a trailer to pull behind your existing truck. Of course, when taking that course of action, you will need to be sure to pick a trailer that falls within the towing capabilities of your truck – otherwise, you will be stuck in the driveway just trying to make it down the street. This plan is only going to work when you get the right trailer weight for the truck, so use the advice in this article to make the right pick.RV lifestyle

What is Gross Vehicle Weight Rating?

This is a number that you need to understand before you go shopping for a truck. The GVWR of your truck is a number that tells you exactly how much weight you can have on your tires when everything is all added up. This number includes the weight of the truck itself, the weight of your passengers and gear, and the weight that the trailer presses down on the tongue. When you go out to shop for a trailer, you will find that they have various ‘tongue weights’ that need to be considered. So, do some basic math to add up all of the relevant weights to decide if a specific trailer is going to be suitable for your truck.

Other Important Numbers

Of course, GVWR is just one place to start. You will need to know more than just this single number if you are going to pick out the right trailer, so your homework must continue on to a few more points. Specifically, look into information on the points highlighted below –

Gross Combination Weight Rating. As you might guess, this is the rating for everything when it is all added up – including both truck and trailer. Exceeding this rating is a bad idea both for the performance of your vehicle and for your safety out on the road.
Maximum tow rating. This is the number that tells you how much weight you are supposed to be able to tow safely with your truck. Naturally, you will want to be sure that you are selecting a trailer that falls well below your maximum rating, as you need to be able to put things inside the RV for your trips which will add to the weight of the whole rig.

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Beware of Marketing Hype

You need to be careful to do some math on your own in order to figure out if you can pull a specific trailer – because the marketing department behind some trucks tends to get a little carried away. You don’t want to rely on a single number that you saw in a commercial that said you could tow a certain amount of weight. Do your own research, and your own math, and come to a conclusion that you are comfortable with. Remember, erring on the side of caution is always best, as there is no need to stress your truck harshly while trying to pull an RV for a fun family vacation. Keep everything well within the weight limit and look forward to many great trips to come.

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Landscape Lighting – Outdoor Lighting Electricians

Your Outdoor Electrical Connections Will Need A Professional Touch.

Decorative landscape lighting makes many commercial locations, such as stores and restaurants, more appealing to potential customers.

Our electricians will help you install your Christmas light decorations. The Christmas holiday is coming and soon and even this early Christmas lights and decor are already on display, especially in malls, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Although few homeowners are decorating as of this time, soon there will be a massive display of sparkling Santa, reindeers, Christmas trees, and Christmas stars just to name a few.Electricians - Outdoor lighting

The whole house will go ablaze with thousands of bulbs springing to life, with real trees in many places included. The wonderful transformation will dominate many parts of the cities. If you have a chance to see it from a high place, the whole city may look like a mini Milky Way. It’s going to be exciting, just watching them. There’s going to be an increase in electrical connections because of the growing demand for electrical consumption.

The most important thing is that these connections are properly installed to avoid mishaps. Fire can easily develop due to improper use of electrical connections, substandard electrical fixtures, and electricity overload. There’s a chance that many of these wirings may not be properly installed and not a few of them might be hidden under rugs and carpets. It’s not only the danger of a fire occurring that you have to contend with, but some members of the family might get electrocuted as well.

When you have a huge light show in your home, including your gardens and swimming pools, even those indoor decors, you have to ask the service assistance of licensed electricians. The safety factor should be given a lot of consideration which is crucial in avoiding any bad incidents from happening. Electricity is such a powerful force. It should be left in the hands of professionals.

We can help you with your decorating plans. Our electricians will ensure that your holidays are free of accidents and you will enjoy your light show to the fullest and even share it with your entire neighborhood as your contribution to making their celebration a truly happy one.

I will take this opportunity to remind you that outdoor connections are especially critical especially when it rains. Water and electricity don’t mix well. What we do is that we will use special plugs, sockets, bulbs, and switches which re-waterproof and make them water-resistant. The purpose is not only to preserve the materials from damage due to rain but also to protect you from being electrocuted.landscape lighting - electricians

Wet grounds or grasses are extremely capable of transmitting electrical current. Contact with live electricity will put anyone’s life in danger if they happen to step on the wet ground or grass. We know how to prevent these things from happening. We have all the equipment and electrical parts for this kind of job. You don’t have to buy anything; we will supply them all to you at very reasonable prices. We can sell them to you at cheaper prices than any other electrical suppliers.

Make this coming holiday safer and more enjoyable than ever. Call us and you won’t need to lift a finger to do anything. We will follow your plans to the letter. You will find everything just as you ordered them. We guarantee all our materials and craftsmanship. We will visit your place from time to time to come and check everything for free.

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Keyless Door Entry – Commercial Locksmith

Keyless door locks are an easy and convenient way for homeowners to enter their homes. For this reason, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Keyless home locks are a similar technology to what you may have seen in a keyless entry system on a vehicle.
The Pros And Cons Of Keyless Door Locks For Your Home
There are pros as well as cons to consider for this style of lock for your home. Before making your choice, you’ll want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of keyless door locks before you contact a Locksmith to schedule an installation.commercial locksmith - keyless entry
Pros Of Keyless Door Locks
You won’t be locked out if you lose or misplace your key. As long as you know the right combination, you can let yourself in at any time.
There is no need to store an extra key on the property, which makes the keyless entry system a more secure choice for your home.
You can give others permission to enter your home without providing a key by simply sharing the combination, then change it when they no longer need access.
An electronic system can tell you how and when people attempted to access your home, giving you data about the effectiveness of your home security system.
Cons Of Keyless Door Locks
An intruder may be able to access your home by correctly guessing your code.
You can forget your passcode and end up locked out of your home. The system will shut down and alert authorities if the incorrect code is input too many times, which can be an issue if you find it difficult to remember codes.
If your system is powered by electricity, it may not function properly during a power failure. You may end up with an unlocked door or a door that stays locked up tight until power is restored. (Be sure to choose a system with a battery backup to avoid both of these situations.)
Have Your Keyless Door Lock Professionally Installed
If you have decided that a keyless door lock is the right choice for your home and family, contact us today to set up an appointment to have a quality keyless door lock professionally installed.

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