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Keyless door locks are an easy and convenient way for homeowners to enter their homes. For this reason, they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Keyless home locks are a similar technology to what you may have seen in a keyless entry system on a vehicle.
The Pros And Cons Of Keyless Door Locks For Your Home
There are pros as well as cons to consider for this style of lock for your home. Before making your choice, you’ll want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of keyless door locks before you contact a Locksmith to schedule an installation.commercial locksmith - keyless entry
Pros Of Keyless Door Locks
You won’t be locked out if you lose or misplace your key. As long as you know the right combination, you can let yourself in at any time.
There is no need to store an extra key on the property, which makes the keyless entry system a more secure choice for your home.
You can give others permission to enter your home without providing a key by simply sharing the combination, then change it when they no longer need access.
An electronic system can tell you how and when people attempted to access your home, giving you data about the effectiveness of your home security system.
Cons Of Keyless Door Locks
An intruder may be able to access your home by correctly guessing your code.
You can forget your passcode and end up locked out of your home. The system will shut down and alert authorities if the incorrect code is input too many times, which can be an issue if you find it difficult to remember codes.
If your system is powered by electricity, it may not function properly during a power failure. You may end up with an unlocked door or a door that stays locked up tight until power is restored. (Be sure to choose a system with a battery backup to avoid both of these situations.)
Have Your Keyless Door Lock Professionally Installed
If you have decided that a keyless door lock is the right choice for your home and family, contact us today to set up an appointment to have a quality keyless door lock professionally installed.

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